The K181 PCNL & Kidney Access Array:

A Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator for training percutaneous access procedures performed under real-time fluoroscopy.


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K181 PCNL & Kidney Access Array

The K181 simulates:

  • Predicting calyceal access for percutaneous nephrolithotomy with computed tomography
  • Determining the angle and depth and puncture for fluoroscopy-guided percutaneous renal access
  • Bulls eye and Triangulation puncture techniques
  • CArm and fluoroscopy image navigation
  • Tool and guide wire manipulation
  • Measurement and scoring based on manual and decision making protocols 
  • Using wires of different sizes



  • Upload Real Patient Scans
  • Enter the world’s most realistic Virtual Operating Room
  • Use Real Surgical Instruments
  • Experience Accurate & Lifelike Haptic feedback  during the Procedure
  • Access our Global Case Library
  • Monitor Surgical Proficiency throughout the training lifecycle

COMING SOON - The PTE Simulator:

An Interactive Simulator for training Pulmonary Thrombo-Endarterectomy, a surgery that removes blood clots in the pulmonary arteries.

  • An interactive simulator to safely help teach and practice PEA Surgery
  • Using a stereoscope and haptic devices, the PTE Simulator provides 3D vision and force feedback to immerse users/
  • Forces and deformations due to the user interactions are computed in real-time using GPU
  • Performance metrics are provided to the user and instructor
  • Developed with Dr. Marc de Perrot of Bayer Inc and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)


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