About Us

Data Driven. Patient Focused.

Surgeons tell us that they are frustrated with surgical training practices today. They expect their training experiences to be dynamic, innovative, realistic, and customizable to multiple procedure/patient specifics. Marion Surgical is working with surgeons from around the globe to build a truly next generation suite of surgical simulators.

Through virtual reality, Marion Surgical enable surgeons to learn, collaborate, practice, and share procedures in a realistic, safe, cloud-hosted environment.

Leadership Team

Ben Sainsbury

Ben Sainsbury

CEO & Cofounder

  • PhD Computer science  background
  • Track record selling 3D software (CAD/CAM) and hardware solutions (3D printers) to the MEDTECH Space
Dr. Rajiv Singal`

Dr. Rajiv Singal

CMO & Cofounder

  • Chief of Surgery at Michael Garron Hospital
  • Co-Medical Director, Surgery Program, Michael Garron Hospital
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto
Mikhail Filipov

Mikhail Filipov

Haptic Design Engineer

  • Research, design, and development of haptic feedback tools to be used in virtual surgery simulation
Paul Hill

Paul Hill

Board Advisor/ Investor

  • Successful serial tech Entrepreneur with multiple million dollar exits
  • Prior Board Experience: Verafin,Celtx and Lookbook
Dr Mohammed Shahait

Dr. Mohammed Shahait

Surgeon Advisor/PI

  • Consultant of Uro-oncology and minimally invasive surgery
  • Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy
  • King Hussein Cancer Center in Amman
Phuoc Duong MD

Phuoc Duong MD

Surgeon Advisor/PI

  • Paediatric Cardiologist/Cardiac Imaging Specialist
  • Co-founder of HoloMedicine Association
  • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital UK
“Advances in simulation technology continue to push the field of surgical education forward. Coupling immersive virtual reality (VR) simulation with a physical console allows the incorporation of haptic feedback into a virtual operating room, to more accurately simulate the technical steps of advanced surgical procedures.”

Mitch Goldenberg (Toronto)
Jason Lee (Toronto)
Time Averch (UPMC Pittsburgh)
Mohammed Shahait (UPMC Pittsburgh)