Marion Surgical is building the world’s first Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator that combines:

  • Real patient case examples – A continuously growing global catalogue accessible by all of our customers
  • Best in class haptic feedback
  • A realistic immersive VR operating room – multi-user & on a globally connected network
  • Advanced sensor technology – recording and analysing the exact movements of surgeons & instruments

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“This will be the new tech in simulation training”


See How it works

Dr. Rajiv K. Singal

Surgeons & trainers are demanding a more intuitive, intelligent, immersive, data driven surgical simulation solution.

Marion Surgical merge customization, machine learning, big data analytics, and a cloud based networked environment.

Our next generation training platforms become more powerful, effective, and scalable the more surgeons use them.

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Come find us at these events:


  • Marion Surgical at UPenn - Jan 2019

    On Saturday January 26th, 2019, Marion Surgical will join the University of Pennsylvania's PCNL/Endoscopic review course at the CHOP simulation center taught by Dr. Mucksavage, Dr. Ziemba, Dr. Tasian, Dr. Srinivasan, and Dr. Shahait. They will lend their expertise and experience with PCNL and focus on using ultrasound training to gain access.

  • Marion Surgical at IMSH Jan 26 - 30, 2019

    The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare simulation. IMSH provides the tools and resources healthcare professionals need to advance their skills, impact change in delivery systems and practice, and, ultimately, to improve patient safety.

The K181 PCNL & Kidney Access Array


Custom Made Simulators
Designed by Surgeons... For Surgeons

This is where we started! If you have a need for a specific functionality in a simulator or just a great idea on how to improve simulation training in general, contact us!

We would be happy to discuss how we can build simulators to your exact requirements.




How It Works

A next generation simulator using real patient data to replicate real surgical training procedures in a safe virtual operating room. Experience using real surgical instruments with truly realistic haptic feel and feedback.




Message from our Chief Executive Officer

Marion Surgical has developed a first of its kind product with the help of our validating hospitals, our elite partners, our investors, and our talented team. 

By merging customization, machine learning, big data analytics, and a cloud-based networked environment, we are positioned at the forefront of the field.

Ben Sainsbury


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